In conclusion, the veneration of the saints is a vital component of the Orthodox Christian Tradition. They are so important to the Orthodox way of life that we commemorate multiple saints every day in our prayers and in our services. Even from the very founding of Christ’s Church, the apostles and disciples considered the remains of departed saints (bodily remains or even their clothing) to be holy and of immense value. They collected them, used them to affect physical healing, and even served the Eucharist over them (or their tombs). Today, every altar in every church contains the relics of at least one saint. Our love for and commemoration of the saints continues to this day, as we seek out even modern exemplars of Holy Orthodoxy from every place who one day may be commemorated as a saint. And for those who are, we pray for their help precisely because they have already completed the race that we strive so diligently to finish. In fact, it should be the goal and hope of every Christian to become holy and to be recognized as a saint of Christ. The Church teaches us the way to achieve this goal: through our cooperation with Christ and by our ascetical efforts, humility, and love for Christ and His Church.